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They may be small shipments, but they aren’t a small part of your business!

Probus Logistics has some amazing programs for parcel delivery services. We offer coast to coast and international courier delivery services at very competitive prices.

​Our express delivery and next day delivery programs offer the reliability of other providers, with the competitive prices you need to lower your shipping costs. Our volumes enable us to offer you cheap courier service.

​In addition to saving you money, you are also offered the convenience of using the proprietary platform to view shipping rates and track shipments.

Courier Program Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of some of our courier delivery solutions;

  • Zone skipping – pre-labeling in US locations with Canadian origin labels
  • EDI upload – Almost any format of order can be used to create labels
  • Full visibility for customers or for internal staff purposes
  • Full return or reverse logistics – we can manage and stage all returned orders
  • All in pricing – We can offer flat rate pricing including line-haul and final delivery
  • Density specific rates – We can generate rates that will avoid having to dim the freight