For many companies, freight consolidation can be a tremendously effective way to get better control of their supply chain. Without it, smaller deliveries add up to higher costs per pound and often times additional unforeseen handling costs. But most companies simply don’t have the resources to employ an effective consolidation solution.

Freight consolidation with Probus: lowering costs and realizing efficiencies

Freight ConsolidationWith LTL freight consolidation, Probus Logistics can optimize your existing logistics solution, driving down costs in areas where competitive rate reduction just isn’t enough. By combining your goods with other shipments on similar routes, Probus can deliver you a lower overall cost per pound.

And beyond just lower per pound rates, you can experience lower inventories, decreased handling fees and reduced transit times. Using Probus as your consolidator, you will quickly realize the benefits of improved shipping coordination and a higher level of service.

Freight consolidation is one of many ways we lower costs

Every company wants to lower the costs of managing shipments. But in this market it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified LTL carriers and trucking companies who can meet your service requirements while still reducing their rates.

Probus’ true specialty is in finding unique ways to save you money. LTL freight consolidation is only one example of the many ways we look to make your company more efficient.