Role Summary:

The Truck Driver will be responsible for operating a straight truck to transport and deliver goods, or materials in liquid, lose or packaged form. May be required to load and unload truck. Drivers may be required to use automated routing equipment. Truck Drivers require a valid G driver’s license and must have a 3-year clean driving record. The Truck Driver will work in the truck while driving, and outside when needed to load or unload. They can encounter all kinds of roads, weather, and traffic conditions. The delivery area includes extended greater Toronto area with a 200 to 300 km km radius (estimate).

Duties & Responsibilities:

· Oversee cargo handling and secure loads, including equipment preparation, application of safe practices, compliance with applicable Acts and regulations.
· Performs appropriate pre-trip visual inspection of vehicle and checks equipment operated, ensuring safety and roadworthiness. Ensures all emergency equipment is in good working order. Reports all defects or equipment problems with Dispatch Supervisor / VP Transportation.
· Inspects loaded truck to ensure proper packing and secures all goods, to not incur damage during transportation, closes and locks doors of vehicle.
· Complies with applicable legislation including safe operation, carriage of goods, driver’s hours of service, occupational health and safety, and weights and dimensions.
· The driver will maintain safe driving habits and always observe all traffic laws.
· Responsible for maneuvering trucks into loading or unloading positions, following signals from loading crew as needed; check that vehicle position is correct and any special loading equipment is properly positioned.
· The driver will complete all assigned deliveries and pick-ups in a timely and safe manner.
· Immediately reports vehicle defects, accidents, traffic violations, or damage to the vehicles to Dispatch Supervisor/VP Transportation.
· Verifies all load-related documentation to ensure that it is complete and accurate.
· Operates equipment such as truck cab computers, CB radios, GPS navigation systems, and telephones to exchange necessary information with bases, supervisors, or other drivers.
· Maintains and completes logs of working hours and of vehicle service and repair status, following applicable provincial and federal regulations. Documentation may contain but is not limited to daily logs, inspection logs, delivery receipts, vehicle inspection, hours of service, mileage, fuel receipts, etc.
· Ensures all paperwork and records are turned into Dispatch Supervisor, accurately and on time. Returns signed delivery receipts to warehouse managers and gives non-delivered paperwork to Dispatch Supervisor.
· Record and maintain required documentation including driver logbook, bills of lading, etc. by manual or electronic means.
· Communicate effectively with the public, customers, and co-workers both verbally and in written form. Responds to customers’ needs in a polite and understanding manner and proactively reports any problems or inconsistencies related to delivery to the Dispatch Supervisor / VP Transportation.
· Assist in loading and unloading trucks.
· Perform periodic inspections before, during, and after delivery to ensure that the load is properly fastened downand is secure.
· Ensure that the material is properly protected from the outdoor elements.
· Deliver product and proper paperwork to our customers in a courteous and timely manner.
· Ensure that any debris caused by the loading/unloading of truck is cleaned up.
· Provide feedback to supervision regarding customer problems, mechanical problems, or delivery problems.
· Maintain trucks overall service and perform required inspections.
· Responsible for maintaining the inside of the truck by regular cleaning to keep it free from debris and items that could be a safety hazard with sudden stopping.
· Train others when required.
· Other duties as assigned


· Highschool Diploma.
· 3+ years of driving experience
· Must have valid Ontario G Driver’s License
· Must provide the following:
-3-year experience letter operating similar class and size vehicle (straight truck)
-Provide driver abstract,
-Provide driver CVOR,
· Ability to operate a variety of material handling equipment required, such as a pump truck.
· You may be expected to complete an in-house driver’s test.

Core Competencies:

· Adaptability and foresight to handle unexpected situations (traffic, weather conditions)
· Good communication in English (verbal and written)
· Extensive knowledge of trucking rules and regulations
· High level of personal integrity.
· Must be able to work with little supervision; must be self-directed.
· Strong work ethic.
· Capable of working in a fast-paced environment with time-sensitive deadlines
· Strong attention to detail and safety regulations.
· Committed to providing superior, timely customer service.
· Promotes and maintains a safe work environment. This includes reporting all incidents or near misses to the supervisor.
· Highly organized with the ability to prioritize and multi-task, use of timelines and time management techniques.
· Strong mechanical aptitude with ability to perform routine vehicle maintenance.
· Demonstrates ability to be cooperative, inclusive, and respectful of others within the work environment.
· Promotes and maintains a positive teamwork environment.

Physical Job Requirements:

Walking: May be required to perform 2-3 hours per shift.
Standing: May be required to perform 2-3 hours per shift.
Sitting: May be required to perform 8-9 hours per shift.
Lift Floor to Waist: Required 2-3 hours per shift, not consecutive, up to 50lbs.
Lift Waist to Shoulder: Required 2-3 hours per shift, not consecutive, up to 50lbs.
Stair Climbing: May be required, up to 6 steps.
Ability to Use Hands: Required to hold, grip, type, write.

Repetitive Movements & Exposure:
Requirements, repetitive movements, and exposures are measured based on an 8-hour shift.

Bending and/or Twisting:

Back: able to bend and twist 3-4 hours per shift but not repetitive.
Neck: able to bend and twist 3-4 hours per shift but not repetitive.
Wrist: able to bend and twist 3-4 hours per shift but not repetitive.
Waist: able to bend and twist 3-4 hours per shift but not repetitive.

Operating Motorized Vehicle:

· Yes – straight truck with hydraulic brakes.
· Must have valid Ontario G License.
· Must have 3-year clean driving record.

Chemical and/or Environmental Exposure: None.

Restrictions Related to Medications:
• Must be free from all recreational substance including alcohol.
• Any medication hindering ability to perform any one task restricted.

Above Shoulder Activity:
Pushing: Light, less than 1-2 hours per shift.
Pulling: Light, less than 1-2 hours per shift.

Below Shoulder Activity:
Pushing: Light, less than 1-2 hours per shift; may be required to push pull skids up to 1500lbs utilizing a pallet jack.
Pulling: Light, less than 1-2 hours per shift.

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