IT Support Services

Cold Chain & Vault Storage

We proudly boast cold storage and vault storage equipped with ideal temperature parameters for storage and safekeeping of pharmaceutical goods. We provide atmosphere-controlled conditions and long-term cold storage based on our clients’ needs.


Inventory Management

We use 'top of the line' inventory management systems to ensure our customers have access to real time inventory levels. Our clients can closely monitor their products and fulfillment.


We offer healthcare logistics to our customers who require strict storage and secure housing for their healthcare products. With rigorously implemented processes and procedures, our customers trust the integrity of Probus Logistics.

Safe & Secure

Our customers trust us to ensure their product is safe and secure. At Probus Logistics, we ensure this through high-level security measures and continuous employee training to guarantee a safe environment.

-25° and + 25° Celcius

We offer ideal temperature parameters for pharmaceutical goods and boast continuous monitoring to ensure the optimal lifespan of your products.