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Healthcare Services

  • Inhouse Quality and Regulatory team
  • Electronic Quality Management system – ZENQMS
  • Used to archive, store, revise and control approved documents (SOP, forms, and work instructions)
  • Training tool used for training employees and maintain training records
  • Modules for creating, completing and implementing deviations, CAPAs and change controls
  • Computer Systems are validated (WMS, temperature monitoring, and QMS)

3PL Provider

Third-party logistics warehouses take on important supply chain operations to help their customers focus on growing their own businesses. This means everything along the supply chain and includes logistics operations like: 

  • Scheduling and executing out the receiving of inventory to the warehouse 
  • Sorting, managing, and accounting for all inventory
  • Maintaining inventory in proper conditions 
  • Negotiating discounted shipping rates 
  • Picking, packing, and shipping products Kiting and assembling products if necessary 

GMP Compliant

The Probus QA team ensures a GMP-compliant environment for your products.

  • Importer of Record (Regulatory/QA services to support the use of Probus DEL)
  • New License application (Regulatory/QA services to support the application and maintenance for DEL, MDEL, NHP, Narcotics, Precursor License in the Clients name
  • Regulatory/QA Consulting Services to support:
  • product registration
  • Temperature mapping

Temperature controlled environment

Facility is mapped and temperature monitored and controlled

  • Humidity is monitored only
  • Security – access control, cameras, glass break, motion detectors and door contacts
  • Sanitation Program
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Pest Control Program


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