IT Support Services

GMP Warehousing

We are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliant to ensure the safety and security of our client’s healthcare products. In addition to offering GMP warehousing, we also offer conventional warehousing with optimized facilities based on our clients’ needs.


Temperature Controlled

At Probus Logistics, we offer our clients temperature-mapped warehousing and temperature-controlled transportation to protect the integrity of their product

Storage Configuration 

We provide customers with optimized storing and racking. At Probus logistics, we use a validated warehouse management system to optimize operation and ensure inventory transactions are tracked and accurate.

Safe & Secure

Our customers trust us to ensure their product is safe and secure. At Probus Logistics, we ensure this through high-level security measures and continuous employee training to guarantee a safe environment.

Repack & Relabeling

We offer our clients fast and reliable relabeling and repacking services (floor display, variety pack size and point of sales display) to meet retail requirements.