IT Support Services

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

We offer our clients highly trained Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs resources at each one of our sites to ensure the safe handling of their products from inbound delivery through to storage and fulfillment.


• In-house Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Team
• Facility are GMP Compliant, temperature mapped and monitored
• Validated computer systems
• Experienced to handle controlled drugs, narcotics and class A precursor
• Licensed for secondary repackaging and relabelling
• Provide expertise to assist with DEL, MDEL, Site Licence application and maintenance
• Assist with Product Importation and release to Canadian Market.

Health Canada

Probus is always audit ready to demonstrate we meet all regulatory requirements for the storage and distribution of drug, natural health product, medical device and Food

Temperature Controlled

At Probus Logistics, we offer our clients temperature-mapped warehousing and temperature-controlled transportation to protect the integrity of their product

Safe & Secure

Our customer's trust us to ensure their product is safe and secure. At Probus Logistics, we ensure this through high-level security measures and continuous employee training to guarantee a safe environment

Pharmaceutical Licenses

Probus will meet all regulatory requirements of Health Canada and can be easily added to client’s warehouse annex for product storage.  Probus is obtaining DEL, MDEL and Site Licence