Highway transports

Goods transport by road is a type of transport that provides non-stop delivery of goods, expressed as door-to-door, in return for a certain price, within the framework of the contract between the sender and the carrier and the procedures and principles of international road transport of goods, and supports other modes of transport.


Airways transporting

Today, air transport is preferred for the transport of more specific products. Among these products, there are products that require a well-equipped vehicle to be transported, such as fresh vegetables and fruits and cut flowers.


Maritime transport

Transportation activities historically started first by sea. ¾ of the world is covered with water, and the first settlements in history took place at the water’s edge. Thus, maritime transportation was used for the first time.


Rail Freight

Despite its high initial investment and maintenance costs, it is an economical and safe mode of transport, especially over long distances, as its operating costs are quite low compared to other types of transport. It is usually run by the state.